Old Star Trek + Ke$ha = ???

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On the evolutionary ladder of human creativity, the internet mash-up rests on a fairly low rung.   All the “creator” of the mash-up does is combine two things that someone else came up with. It’s hard to respect the creativity of someone whose only skill is to edit together stuff which already exists.

Pop Culture Thing 1 + Pop Culture Thing 2 = Funny?  WRONG.

Having said that, watch this video:


Somehow, this particular mash-up is worthy of our attention.  For one thing, it must have taken a huge amount of time and effort to put this thing together.  Whoever sifted through all the Star Trek moments and cleverly matched them to the lyrics of the Ke$ha song is unquestionably a dork hero.  (And, presumably, they did it FOR FREE. )

There is a playful charm to this internet edit job.  Its silly, goofball energy makes you feel a renewed (or new) affection for both Star Trek and Ke$ha.  This video makes you smile.  Not an easy thing.

Old Star Trek + Tik Tok = Funny?  MAYBE.

Old Star Trek + Tik Tok = Fun?  DEFINITELY.