Wife Catches Husband Letting 5-Yr-Old Daughter Watch Him Play AC2

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Young daughter watches her father play “Assassin’s Creed 2” on his Xbox 360.

DAUGHTER: Daddy, are you killing that man with a sword?
HUSBAND:  Sweetheart, it’s not a sword.  It’s a hidden wrist-blade handed down from generation to generation by a league of secret assassins.

Wife Enters.

WIFE:  What is that?
WIFE:  Are you letting her watch you play that violent video game?  I thought we talked about this.
HUSBAND:  Honey, come on.  This game is educational.
WIFE:  Educational.  What’s it called?
HUSBAND:  That doesn’t matter.  What matters is, it takes place during the Renaissance.  You know, the “re-birth”?  You explore Florence and Tuscany, you collect paintings, visit churches, uh, pilot gondolas…celebrate the carnival of Venice, or should I say:  the Carnevale di Venezia!
DAUGHTER:  I saw Daddy kill another daddy.
WIFE:  Can I talk to you in the other room?
HUSBAND:  Let me just reach a save point.
HUSBAND:  You’re always saying we should take the kids to Europe!  This game is like a visit to Italy!  Machiavelli is in it, the Medicis, those Borgia guys, crazy Popes everywhere… Leonardo Da Vinci – with flying machine, codexes – the whole deal.
WIFE:  Why are those guys stabbing you?

Husband turns his attention to the screen, where a bloody fight is in progress.

HUSBAND: See?  This teaches kids about the dangers of the Knights Templar.  We don’t want her getting sucked into that whole world.
WIFE:  We’re getting rid of the Xbox.
HUSBAND:  Whoa whoa whoa.  What about you?  You let her play Beatles Rock Band.
WIFE:  She’s singing and playing drums!
HUSBAND:  Those songs are drug music!  When she comes home stoned out of her mind on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, don’t blame me.  Blame your precious Lads from Liverpool!

Wife unplugs Xbox and leaves with it.

HUSBAND:  What about all the other dangerous things Beatles Rock Band encourages: playing music on rooftops on cold winter days, growing weird mustaches, meeting Yoko…