Matt Selman

Matt Selman is a writer/producer who has worked on thirteen seasons of The Simpsons. He currently serves as an Executive Producer. Selman grew up in Watertown, Massachusetts, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1993. He wrote on Seinfeld before starting at The Simpsons in 1997. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.

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Hot Mile High Trivia Action

Forget Call of Duty 5: World at War. I’ve discovered an online multiplayer game that’s more thrilling than Halo 3 and GTA: IV put together. Grand Theft Halo 7? No: Delta Coach In-seat Trivia.

I discovered this massively immersive game on a flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta. You compete live against other flyers on the …

A Fake Interview with Steve Hely

Steve Hely is both a comedy writer (American Dad!) and a real writer (How I Became a Famous Novelist). As you can see from this piece he wrote in The Believer, Steve’s mind is rich with loving observations of the many terriblenesses of book-writing. I wanted to interview this hot young talent for the Nerd World blog, but what with the …

Nerd Ephemera: 1984-ish

Actual Letter Retrieved From Grandparents’ Files, Reprinted Verbatim:

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Thank you for the beautiful grey shirt with the while collar and the luxurious dark grey sweater with the colored stripes. Remember the fifty dollars you have me for Hanuka? Well I spent part of it on some great beige pants. I spent …

Confessions of an Execrable Imbecile

Longtime Simpsons writer and world-class hilarious person Mike Reiss responds to critical reaction to his latest movie:

I wrote a sweet little romantic comedy called My Life in Ruins. It was about a bus tour of Greece, and had big laughs, gorgeous scenery, and a simple message: don’t judge others too harshly.

One critic called …

10 Small Observations About E3

1) E3 is much quieter now than in past years. Also less hot, better ventilation. Doesn’t smell quite as much like finger grease. Still a great place to fart without fear of detection, though.

2) What recession? The game companies’ shrines to their new product are as opulent and massive and shiny as in 2006.

3) The game I …

Trade Paperback Bender

I’m always a few years behind what’s up in comics. Especially mainstream superhero stuff. Every time I pop into a store, I’ve missed like three Secret Crossover Crisis Infinite Civil Secret Continuity Change-Everything Wars. But all the good stuff is reprinted in trade form, so buying comics is kind of like going to the butcher. I …

How to Nerd an American Quilt

Like many of you, I have a giant plastic container in my garage, crammed full of old t-shirts that I will never wear again. These t-shirts were acquired during the many activities typical of an unadventurous, white-person poseur existence. (A college lacrosse shirt, even though I have never touched a lacrosse stick; an MTV Half-Hour

Swartzwelder Alert!

John Swartzwelder, the man who wrote the line, “Here’s to alcohol.  The cause of — and solution to — all life’s problems,” has a new book out.  More jokes about aliens, time-travel, punching, and throwing fire-crackers into the jars of super-intelligent brains from the future.

Nobody Ret-Cons Da Blob!

Hey dere! It’s everyone’s favorite fatso Da Blob here, with my review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As a whole, Da Blob liked dis dere picture. Dere was plenty of brawlin’ and bashin’, and what else do youse guys need? And da fans got to see da origin of Wolverine’s leather jacket, which was something we was all a-wonderin about. He …

Summer Movie Box Office Fantasy Draft

Annoyed by March Madness? Baffled by Fantasy Football? Hate sports of all kinds? Then here’s a fun pastime for you and your ilk: a Summer Movie Box Office Fantasy Draft! But hurry – you don’t have much time!

The game is about using your Box Office predicting skills to select which summer movies will earn the most money. Then, …

iPhone Terms of Service Agreement

1) I agree that whenever I have my iPhone on my person, I will never be fully mentally present. If I am at work, I will be thinking about my iPhone. If I am with my wife, I will be thinking about my iPhone. If I am awake and near my iPhone, I will be thinking about my iPhone.

2) I agree that I will not check my email ten times a

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