Iron Man 2; Judge Dredd; Twilight; Gay Gandalf; NASA; Me

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Another omnibus post, brought to you by my short attention span:

— Mickey Rourke will apparently appear as a villain in Iron Man 2. Nice to see that the success of The Wrestler is getting him work. I guess he’s well and truly out of career hypersleep. Favreau must be fond of resuscitated actors, given that Downey had a similar career trajectory. The always excellent Sam Rockwell’s going to be in it too.

— I never thought I’d see the day, but it looks like the new Judge Dredd movie might be happening. I thought Stallone (and Rob Schneider!) had killed this franchise dead. They shoulda sent them to Titan for that movie.

— That guy who played Jacob in Twilight is going to play him again in New Moon. See, they thought maybe he wasn’t going to. Now he is. All right! Personally I thought he was pretty good in Twilight, so all’s well.

— My friend and colleague Jim Poniewozik pointed me to this interview with Ian McKellan, in which he first admits that everybody mistakes him for Dumbledore, and then speculates that Gandalf might be gay. Why not? [Insert all previous gay Dumbledore jokes here, suitably amended.]

— Yesterday I recorded commentary for a bonus feature that will be part of the Watchmen DVD. That’ll sell some copies. Maybe I’ll be an easter egg — just click on Dr. Manhattan’s big bald blue head.

— The government can’t remember what the space program is for. Remind them? Seriously, the Space Studies board of the National Academies is doing a study and wants public input. This is your chance to remind them that their first and only priority should be finding and neutralizing Decepticons.