I Can’t Believe Twitter Is Winning

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I just had to put that on the record. I assumed Twitter was one of those stunt-start-ups — like, oh no they di’n’t, I can’t believe they went there, let’s see how long it takes people to figure out that this Twitter thing is a stone cold joke. How long can it last? The answer is, almost 3 years, and counting. Now John Hodgman uses it. John Cleese uses it. Karl Rove uses it.

Why is this still going on? When will market forces and/or cosmic justice weed this useless attention-suck out of the technological gene pool? That’s what recessions are for.

Oh well. We’ve passed the point where it’s now cooler to be off Facebook than it is to be on Facebook. Maybe eventually I’ll passively become cooler by not Twittering or being Tweeted at.

I need to watch the Crayon Physics demo again to calm down.


… ah … soothing music …