Collusion Will Save America’s News Media

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Is it wrong that I sort of … almost … agree with Rupert Murdoch on newspapers charging for content?

Though I suppose it could only work if news-providers went into it all together, simultaneously, en masse. I’m not at all convinced that current numbers point to an inevitable Jurassic-style print-media die-off. Some of those bad numbers are temporary recession bad numbers, not permanent digital-transition bad numbers. But actually being paid for journalism would give us a cushion. And a more comfortable one than, for example, being federally subsidized. And it wouldn’t at all be like price-fixing! No collusion here, officer. None. [bats eyes seductively]

That’ll be ten dollars please.

In unrelated news, a new unblurred District 9 trailer is out. Which raises the unanswerable question: why did they release a blurred one?