The 2012 Trailer is Apocalicious

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It is a sign of the apocalypse in the Mayan calendar that when Roland Emmerich actually releases an awesome movie about the apocalypse, things are pretty much over. And behooooold:


And lo, the giraffes will be borne aloft by helicopters! And Oliver Platt will be an oily government bureaucrat! And Big Stone Jesus’s arms will fall off! The Mayans saw it all. Truly, they were visionaries. (Though hard not to laugh at “MANKIND’S EARLIEST CIVILIZATION.” Has dude even, like, read Wikipedia?)

Seriously, it looks like Emmerich has spared no expense to license all the best CGI disaster-software for this, so good for him. Personally I can’t wait. Just too bad he licensed the heartwarming John Cusack software too.