Tuesday’s Nerd News Top 5

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See, I’m running with this new top 5 format. It’s for days when I’m having trouble finding a blogworthy item, so instead you get five items that aren’t blogworthy. Let’s go!

1. This video from the Watchmen Blu-Ray, where Snyder breaks down how he made the best 3 minutes of movie released this year:


Awww … it was a rubber hand. And sorry, but did he say ‘duveteen’?

2. Today is the day they sold the Pirate Bay for $7.8 million. I guess that’s how much freedom costs in this crazy mixed-up world.

3. A Love Romance. Siiick!

4. China has banned gold farming. Or at least severely restricted it — you can still farm virtual objects, just not currency. Now I won’t get to listen to rants about how gold farmers are ruining a game I don’t play.

5. The Palm Pre appears to actually be saving Palm! See, we (the media) were so right to overhype the Pre.

Also, I promise you I’m not going to use this site to hype my book. Except when I do.