Comic-Con Is Dead, Long Live Comic-Con

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Tonight I went over the top in the first wave at Comic-Con: doors opened 6:00 on the dot.

First impression is of rampant confusion. The show floor is a ravening fleshpit. Who the eff are all these people elbowing me out of the way so they can take a picture of a 6 ft Buzz Lightyear made out of Lego? I don’t identify with them. It’s all very boorish. The nerdy soul has gone out of it. Is this the year that it becomes cooler not to be at Comic-con than to be there? (Or was that, like, 5 years ago?)

Though down the other end of the show floor, away from the huge glittering death-towers of Mattel and Lego and such, where I wandered in an attempt to find my publishers, I stumbled on the booths of MC Frontalot and the Penny Arcade crew, major culture heroes of mine, practically back to back in the midst of the fray.