The World’s First $99 Laptop

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A laptop for less than $100? No, Best Buy isn’t going out of business.

Cherrypal, the self-touted eco-friendly computer company – is powered by wind energy – just unveiled it’s newest and cheapest computer yet – the 7-in. Cherrypal Africa. Make no mistake, as far as computers go, this is no modern marvel. On its site, Cherrypal advertizes it as “small, slow, sufficient.” (Hey, at least they’re honest.)

Still, the Africa fills an availability gap worldwide for those who can’t afford regular to moderately priced computers, let alone Internet access. Think about it: A less-than-average laptop will still require you to shell out around $300. In the U.S. that’s a lot of money for struggling families. In other countries around the world, it’s an unthinkable expense.

Here’s the rundown: The mini-laptop runs on a 400 MHz processor and features 256 MB RAM, 2 GB flash memory and can run either Linux or Windows CE. Cherrypal also boasts a low power usage to conserve energy. In an industry that operates under he-who-has-the-RAM-wields-the-power philosophy, Cherrypal’s Africa could be a simplistic answer to the world’s access problem.

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