Skiff’s New E-Reader Sounds Kind Of Dreamy

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E-reading company Skiff and mobile mogul Sprint (Skiff + Sprint = Skint? Spriff?) will roll out the new Skiff Reader during this week’s CES in Las Vegas.

So what’s so great about another e-reader? First, it’s thinner than other readers (.25 in.) and the flexible touch screen is the biggest for a reader so far at 11.5 in. (with a 1200 x 1600 pixel res), knocking the Kindle DX out of the top spot.

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Its large size might be a turn off if it weren’t the first reader optimized for magazines and newspapers. Very cool, especially considering some reader versions of magazines or newspapers still don’t include photos. Please note: News publishers are sure to be crossing their fingers that this will mark the much-needed kick start for the hemorrhaging print news industry. Sound familiar? That’s because the same thing was said about the Kindle.

It’ll operate along with Sprint’s 3G Network (also with Wi-Fi connectivity) for downloads and won’t use the usual E-Ink. Instead the stainless steel foil screen was developed using LG Display tech, making it the first reader with a non-glass screen.

Pricing and availability are still TBA, though Skiff says the reader will be sold exclusively through Sprint. [Update: I got a call from Skiff, and the Skiff Reader won’t be sold exclusively through Sprint, but they’re not releasing any further details at the moment.]

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