Avatar Trumps Titanic: [Insert ‘King of the World’ Reference Here]

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Bravo, James Cameron. You’ve beaten … yourself.

I wonder how good it must feel to be operating the giant, blue alien arm responsible for raking in nearly $2 billion. Like you’re the, oh I don’t know, king of the world? (Couldn’t resist, sorry.)

The official numbers were released today, after last night’s recognition that 3D smash hit Avatar had surpassed film-phenom Titanic in a raw dollar amount, $1.86 billion vs. $1.84 billion. Yikes. Are we surprised? No, not really. Check out our “Freeze Frame” breakdown of Avatar’s best scene.

Given that the amount has not been adjusted for inflation, or the pure fact that folks are shelling out – what? – $17.50 per 3D-IMAX screening, this is in no way a clean victory, but I’d have to bet that 20th Century will gladly take this win, dirty or not.

Still, we can’t ignore that Avatar has only been on screens for six weeks. Let me repeat: Nearly $2 billion in only six weeks. Titanic was in theaters for 41 weeks.

So in true milestone form, please join us as we take a look back at Avatar mania a la Techland:

Aug. 3, 2009

Lev views about 25 minutes of Avatar footage at a special press event. (He’s still not the same.)

Read it: I Saw the Avatar Footage. And Though I Pass Through The Uncanny Valley of Death, I Will Fear No Evil.

Nov. 24, 2009

Trailer is just too simplistic a phrase. Interactive peep show might be closer.

Read it: Avatar Exclusive: First Look At Interactive Trailer

But how did they do it?

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