Avatar Trumps Titanic: [Insert ‘King of the World’ Reference Here]

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Dec. 4, 2009

Avatar the book hits the Web. Let the addictive drip into our veins begin.

Read it: Avatar the Book: Skim It Online

Dec. 9, 2009

PANDORA SAFARI. No really, it’s a Sigourney Weaver-guided tour.

Read it: Planet Earth, Avatar Edition

Dec. 10, 2009

Steve has an awesome chat with Avatar star Joel Moore, a.k.a. nerdy Norm.

Read it: Joel Moore Talks Avatar, Near Drunken Brawls With James Cameron

Dec. 11, 2009

We saw a screening. Our worlds were rocked. Steve muses about the future of movies.

Read it: Why This Geek Hopes Pandora Is The Future Of Movies

Dec. 11, 2009

The Techland staff chats about what we thought of the film through and e-mail chain we affectionately dubbed, “Blue Boobs.”

Read it: Blue Boobs, The Avatar E-mail Chain

Dec. 14, 2009

We learned some seriously bad ass stuff about James Cameron.

Read it: James Cameron Almost Died Making The Abyss

Dec. 17, 2009

We talked to him. James freakin Cameron.

Read it: The James Cameron Interview. Sequels? ‘Hell Yeah.’

Dec. 18, 2009

Opening day. We prepped you for it. Didn’t read our back-ground info? For shame…

Read it: Your Avatar Primer: 10 Things You Need To Know

Dec. 21, 2009

Was it good for you? We looked back on opening weekend.

Read it: Avatar, The Monday After: Brilliant or Bust?

Dec. 23, 2009

Could Zoe Saldana be the first all CGI character nominated for an Oscar? We’ll need to wait to see.

Read it: In Neytiri, Avatar Producer Sees Oscar Gold

Jan. 8, 2010

Then came the speculation. Was Avatar just Dances With Wolves disguised in a sparkly blue 3D alien suit?

Read it: Take Away The 3D And What Is Avatar Really Worth?

Jan. 13, 2010

The subtext? Americans are assholes.

Read it: The Politics of Avatar: America Bad.

Jan. 15, 2010

Easter comes early. We search for Cameron’s eggs, marked Avatar 2.

Read it: Cameron’s Clues: Which Avatar Scenes Point To Sequel?

Jan. 18, 2010

It’s official. We’ve got a record-breaker on our hands, here. Where she stops, nobody knows.

Read it: Avatar, Cameron: All-Time Kings of IMAX

Jan. 21, 2010

Send in the clowns: Avatar parodies sprout up everywhere. Our favorite is spoofy cartoon-porn. (Of course.)

Read it: Na’vi Sex, A Sticky Situation

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