Go Figure: BioShock 2 Midnight Launch Edition

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Over 70 Best Buy and 2,500 Gamestop stores opened their doors at midnight early this morning to give gamers the chance to be the first to buy BioShock 2 and, to a lesser extent, Dante’s Inferno.

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I was at Gamestop unit #3877 to soak in the atmosphere. The breakdown:

Number of customers in the queue at 12:01 AM: 17

Number of women: 2

Number of dads dragged out of bed: 1

Number of dogs: 1

Number of people dressed up as Big Daddy: 0 (I was hugely disappointed at this)

Approximate Mix of Xbox 360/PS3/PC Versions of BioShock 2 Sold: 70%/10%/20%

Number of impromptu in-store $99 BioShock 2 Special Edition unboxing ceremonies: 1

Number of Dante’s Inferno games sold: 1

I didn’t have a camera to document the event, but here’s a video of someone who drove to a different Gamestop location to pick up his BioShock 2 Collector’s Edition at midnight and later performed a detailed autopsy of it in his bedroom: