The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom Review: Help Yourself to More Pie

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Listen well, gamers, so you don’t say you forgot him
To this here review of P.B. Winterbottom.

Started as a student project, this compiling of code
Now it’s become a proud Xbox download.

‘Tis the Odd Gentlemen behind this game so perverse
And you’ve probably guessed that they tell their tale in verse.

The Gentlemen take a cue from artist Edward Gorey
For the tone, humor and setting of their interactive story.

Cool film-grain effects and silent-movie presentation
Make one appreciate the clever look and animation.

Winterbottom’s misadventures feel like a great children’s book
But one you play through and do more than just look.

You play as a mustachioed scoundrel with a glint in his eyes
This time-traveling scamp just loves to purloin pies!

Each level’s a puzzle and there’s only one way through ‘em
For P.B. creates clones in the chronal continuum.

The gent’s got moves: jump, float and swat.
To get all those pies, you’ll do them a lot.

Sometimes you can dupe yourself but only so much,
because lots of clones, we fear, would be too big a crutch

Further on, magic portals will record all you do,
But beware the evil clones that wish to harm you!

There’s platforms that move and levers and switches.
Linked in clever designs that might cause eye twitches

Now, the scenes will frustrate ya; believe us, it’s true
But ‘pon solving one, you’ll let out a “phew!”

‘Cause it’s so brain-bending, ye might just find
you’ll need a friend to loan the might of their mind.

With unlockable levels and stout leaderboards,
you can see who’s fastest at the pie-stealing chores.

So heed my words, dear reader, and give Ol’ P.B. a try
‘Tis only 10 bucks, I swear, for this well-crafted pie!

Official Techland Score: 8.5/10