Nintendo Brings Heat This Spring: Launch Details for DSi XL, Super Mario, Metroid

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Nintendo’s been keeping folks in suspense as to when we’d be able to get our hands on their announced first-party titles and the embiggened version of their handheld, the DSi XL.  But, it’s time to update your calendars, because the Japanese video game juggernaut’s finally divulged info on its upcoming releases.  The highlights include a March 28th release for the DSi XL and surprisingly close launches for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M.

With a price tag of $189.99, the DSi XL sports much bigger screens and a larger stylus. This’ll be a godsend for people like me, who hate eyestrain and have big hands. Two Brain Age games will come pre-installed and the DSi XL will come in burgundy and bronze flavors. Super Mario Galaxy 2 hits the Wii on May 23, with cuddly dinosaur Yoshi showing up in the sequel. And, apparently, Mario won’t just be jumping on planets; he’ll be drilling through them, too. The big surprise from last year’s E3 was that former Ninja Gaiden developers Team Ninja were working on Metroid: Other M. It’ll be out on June 27th and we’ll finally get to see how Itagaki-san and crew manage the shifts between 2D and 3D points of view. After what’s felt like a long drought of quality titles, it might just be time to blow the dust off your Wii again.