Superhero Team-Up! Batman: The Brave and The Bold coming to consoles

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Why is it good news that Cartoon Network’s Batman-and-everyone-you-can-think-of-including-Black-freaking-Canary series will be playable on Wii and DS this fall? Because it’s the next step in the redemption of Aquaman, that’s why. The Brave and The Bold TV show manages an awesome mix of sharp action and hilarious dialogue, featuring a great interpretation of the King of the Seven Seas. No insecurities, no lines about finny friends; just a guy kicks a lot of butt underwater and talks a lot of trash. You want to go into battle with this guy. Seriously. The Brave and The Bold game will also feature Robin (hopefully in that cool Earth-2 costume he wears on the show), Green Lantern (most likely the Guy Gardner version) and Blue Beetle as playable characters. Games on the Wii generally don’t offer a lot of DLC but B&B offers the perfect opportunity to keep refreshing the character list with new heroes via download. Even if that doesn’t happen, we still have Aquaman. Giant whales. All up in your face. Just sayin’.