New Portal Stuff; New Halo Reach Trailer; Yay

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There are signs of life from Aperture Science. Valve released on update for its incredibly compelling puzzle game Portal yesterday. This has set off a mad scramble through one of those weird augmented-reality scavenger hunts, starting with radios in the game releasing screechy audio transmissions, which were decodable into a series of images and Morse code transmissions, which yielded the number for an old-school dial-up BBS, which yielded more ASCII art as well as some memos from Aperture founder Cave Johnson.

Kotaku has a good summary, with images, here. Basically, so far there’s no real information about the sequel, except that there is going to be some new information about the sequel at some point. It’s marketing, people!

Meanwhile Bungie has extruded a new Halo Reach trailer showing off multiplayer stuff:


I’m a campaign guy, not really into multiplayer. But still: jetpacks. I’m not a stone.

OK, now let’s listen to Jonathan Coulton’s Portal song again:


And I can’t post about Portal w/out posting the genius “A Day in the Life of a Turret”:


It just gets more and more relevant.