Believe You Can Fly: Michael Jordan to Appear in NBA 2K11

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Michael Jordan, arguably the best hoops player to ever drive the lane, has long been absent from basketball video games. That changes now.

Capping off a flurry of rumors, CNBC’s reporting that Jordan will be the cover athlete for NBA 2K11. 2K Sports is only one of many game-makers (including EA) to use the NBA license, but they’ve got the exclusive on the six-time champion. Despite being one of the most popular players ever, His Airness’s history as a playable character in video games is spotty, due to tangles with regard to likeness rights and payment issues. Gamers of a certain age will remember a nameless Player 23 showing up to deliver devastating dunks in older b-ball video game series. Now no one need settle for a substitute.

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The news about Jordan’s involvement doesn’t detail how he’ll be playable in the game, whether he’ll be an unlockable or will be free to use from the start. Still, the chance to seek how a virtual MJ stacks up against a digitized LeBron or Kobe should make NBA 2K11 more than just this year’s installment. Let the tongue-hanging and arguments about who’s the GOAT begin.

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