Beach Reading! Techland’s Summer Comics Preview

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Sometime in August:

AX (Vol. 1): A Collection of Alternative Manga

There’s been buzz about this Sean Michael Wilson-edited anthology for what seems like years; it’s finally due out this summer.

August 4:

Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love

The collection of this thoroughly entertaining Chris Roberson/Shawn McManus miniseries (a Fables spinoff) about secret agent Cinderella.

Daredevil: Black and White

A one-shot featuring new Daredevil stories by, among others, Ann Nocenti and David Aja, whose collaboration “3 Jacks” was one of the best superhero stories of the past few years.

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Deadpool #1000

Yes: Peter Bagge is doing a Deadpool story. Tremble, humanity.

August 11:

Rand Holmes: The Artist Himself

Patrick Rosenkranz’s biography and retrospective of the Canadian underground cartoonist’s work also includes two of Holmes’ graphic novels, Wings Over Tijuana and Hitler’s Cocaine.

Set to Sea

A collection of Drew Weing’s rollicking nautical web-comic.

August 18:

Superman/Batman #75

DC seems to be pushing to make this one of their flagship titles again, and they’re piling on the star-power for this anniversary issue–Adam Hughes, David Finch and Billy Tucci are all contributing interior artwork, and Frank Quitely’s drawing the cover.

August 25:

Superman: Secret Origin

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s charming look at the Man of Steel’s earliest years, collected as a hardcover.

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September 1:

The Night Bookmobile

An original graphic novel written and drawn by Audrey Niffenegger, of The Time Traveler’s Wife fame.

Wolverine #1

The first issue of a new relaunch by Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes.

September 8:

A Drunken Dream and Other Stories

Fantagraphics brings Moto Hagio’s shojo manga work to America.

Cuba: My Revolution

A semiautobiographical graphic novel written by Inverna Lockpez and drawn by Dean Haspiel.

Love and Rockets: New Stories, vol. 3

Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez’s now-annual series is always an event.

Polly And Her Pals: Complete Sunday Comics 1925-1927

Cliff Sterrett’s classic comic strip, collected.

Weird War Tales

The pick of DC’s one-off revivals of their old war comics–mostly because Darwyn Cooke is doing the cover and one of the interior stories.

September 15:

Special Exits

A graphic memoir by Joyce Farmer about her parents’ old age.

September 22:

The Complete Ballad of Halo Jones

Alan Moore and Ian Gibson’s splendid, never-completed sci-fi project comes back into print every few years; here’s another chance to read it.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, Vol. 1

There’s a Luc Besson film adaptation of Jacques Tardi’s series in the works, so it’s nice to have it available in English.

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