Google Chrome Experiments With The Wilderness Downtown

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It’s about time that someone created a film that enhanced your watching-videos-at-work experience.

Chris Milk’s The Wilderness Downtown is more than just a music video for the Arcade Fire’s “We Used to Wait.” The HTML 5 project — which can only be viewed on Google Chrome — ┬áturns your whole computer screen into an interactive project using a series of pop up windows.

Using Google Maps technology, the music video takes you through your childhood neighborhood as you (or at least a hooded individual that is supposed to be you) run through the streets. It even allows you to write yourself a letter containing what you wish you knew as a lad or lass.

Are interactive videos the new 3D technology for online clips? It’s too early to tell. Admittedly it’s creepy that Google can easily find where you live, but The Wilderness Downtown is entertaining to view. Now, if only they could make interactive Choose Your Own Adventure streaming videos…