Comics on Our Pull List 9/22/10

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Here are some comics of note coming out this week. You don’t have to pick them up. I’m just letting you know that this is about to happen. Please plan accordingly.

Fantastic Four #583
The “World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” is going back to the well with another story line about not being four again. Simply titles “Three” this run will feature the death of one of the members of the Fantastic Four. For more about this check out Wolk’s Emenata from a few weeks ago. It’s totally going to be Sue, right?

Skullkickers #1
I generally don’t read books that intentionally try to be funny. Mostly I don’t do this because very few books actually are intentionally funny. In fact, it still irks me that Steve Carell’s character in the 40 Year Old Virgin has a scene where he is laughing out loud while reading one of the more recent issues of Marvel Team Up (I think it was a Kirkman issue but still). No one LOL’d while reading Team Up, c’mon. Skullkickers is being billed as a type of ham fisted buddy action comedy but set in a tabletop role playing game fantasy world where monsters and Dwarven fighters are real. I guess I’m just hoping for some derivation of a THAC0 joke.

Thor #615
Starting with issue 615 this run of Thor is going to be written by Matt Fraction (Invincible Iron Man) and drawn by Pasqual Ferry (Adam Strange, Ultimate Fantastic Four). What more do you need to know? I would read an entire trade of Cathy strips if it were done by this creative team. In this jumping on point Asgard, still in ruins after Siege, comes under attack from an evil from another dimension.

Velocity #2
This book is the winner of Pilot Season. In that sense it’s kind of the winner of American Idol for comics. Except that it’s Top Cow so not that many people voted. None of this changes the fact that Kenneth Rocafort is drawing the pictures and doing the page layout both of which are unique and intriguing. I am going to hope that the story that is about, get this, a hero with super speed that needs to save lives before time runs out will start to get some legs in the second chapter.

Nemesis #3
Although it breaks several, if not the majority, of the tenets of Douglas’s recent “List” I am looking forward to the next installment of Nemesis. Our anti-hero got himself caught at the end of the last issue (which came out months ago) by the police commissioner of DC. After he was apprehended he proudly announced that this was all part of the plan. Let’s hope so, Millar, let’s hope so.