Facebook and Skype Are Beginning a Beautiful Friendship

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Get ready for Grandma to say hello more often on Facebook.

According to All Things Digital, Facebook and Skype are getting ready to announce a “significant and wide-ranging” partnership. The companies hope to bring SMS, voice chat and Facebook Connect all together so you’ll have no need to use any other service to contact your friends and loved ones. Consequently, you’ll never be left alone from Uncle Murray, who keeps messaging you those corny jokes and Grandma Martha, who accidentally hits the dial button and can’t figure out how to end the call.

It would probably look like this:

Skype told Techland, “”We’re not commenting on rumor or speculation.” If the rumor is true, though, this will further Facebook’s foray into all manner of communication. Users will now be able to text and call friends on Facebook from their Skype account, and vice versa. The two go hand in hand, really.

We wonder if this has Google worried. Then again, they have been hinting that they might be starting their own social network.