Comics on Our Pull List 10/6/10

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Preparations for the New York Comic Con continue as we take a closer look at some of the books that the publishers will get onto the racks in time for the show. No coincidence that there’s more Issue Number One’s than usual. Be sure to check out the rest of our coverage of the NYCC including what not to miss if you’re going to make it out.

Chaos War #1
It’s the latest excuse to get all seven Avengers teams, all the cool X-Men, and the Fantastic Four to fight a bad guy! Recently deceased hero Hercules has returned as even more of a god than he was before to beat the drum and raise an army to fight Chaos King. Guess what he stands for? Despite the slick looking McGuinness cover there’s no reason to believe that Thor and Herc will be facing off (again) unless it’s referring to the backup story where Hercs time spent in a Captain Jack Sparrow-like limbo is revealed. As backup stories go I would be happy with like, eight pages of Thor and Herc god-punching each other.

Taskmaster #2
This second issue has some big shoes to fill after last months debut. Tasky made a turn for the wacky in this series but without going overboard. (I’m looking at you, every issue of Deadpool for the last three years.) Now that Taskmaster has gone legit a bounty has been put on his head by a massive underground criminal organization. As mercenary hit squads come out of the wood work for a shot at the champ we get a chance to see our amnesiac anti-hero shine in a book that’s long overdue. I can’t say enough great things about it.

Ultimate Comics Thor #1
Did you know that there was a Thor movie coming out? Thankfully I’m a Thor fan so the fact that he’s going to reach Deadpool levels of saturation over the next eight months doesn’t bother me. For example, there’s nothing about the current Ultimate Universe that calls for more spin off titles. Spin off titles are for successful or at least interesting root material (or mega events). The Ultimate Universe is neither right now. Still, it’s Hickman and Pacheco and the preview pages show that Ragnorak for Ultimate Asgard involved snow giants AND nazi stormtroopers.

Nancy in Hell #3
Yes, yes I pledge allegiance to Juan Jose Ryp and his hyper detailed, and at times ultra violent, pencil work. I am unapologetic about it. While his style was not quite right for that Moon Knight and Spider-Man romp from a few months ago it absolutely perfect for this story about a screaming slasher flick co-ed caught in the depths of hell. Last issue Nancy joined up with Lucifer himself and he confessed that even he is trapped in this horrific place. This book continues to be unexpected and fresh with a wonderfully executed camp factor.

Uncanny X-Force #1
Wolverine and his band of morally ambiguous mutants are going to go behind Cyclop’s back and totally be X-Force even after he promised that he wouldn’t. This time around it’s Wolvie and Archangel (who I love as a badass), Psylocke, Fantomex, and Deadpool. Wait. @#$^&!. Deadpool? Wolverine puts together a team to go out there and murder Apocalypse, who let’s be honest is not a villain you screw around with, and he’s going to bring Wade Wilson along? I have faith in writer Rick Remender but including ‘pool in this cast is a slippery slope.