Rumor PaTroll: Aronofsky Negotiating Wolverine 2, Green Lantern News

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Thursday, October 7, 2010 –

Wolverine 2 Getting the Aronofsky Treatment

I’m taking back what I said a few days ago: Darren Aronofsky is in negotiations right now to direct Wolverine 2. Sources close to the project confirmed to Techland that the Oscar-nominated director is in serious talks with FOX. NY Magazine ran the rumor yesterday, adding that he may be considering other projects including Warner Brother’s Tales From the Gangster Squad. But, we’ve been told Aronofsky’s leaning heavily toward the adamantium claws.

It’s an interesting choice for the director, especially since his upcoming film Black Swan is the widely buzzed Oscar contender this year, pretty much assuring him any drama and actor he wanted to work with. And the first Wolverine movie… well, it wasn’t really good to be blunt – despite having a director with an excellent track record, so he’s got his work cut out for him to salvage the franchise. But, Aronofsky has worked with Hugh Jackman before on The Fountain so they’ve got a great relationship. Could Wolverine 2 be Aronofsky answer to  critically-acclaimed darling Dark Knight?

Ryan Reynolds Rains Praises on Green Lantern in Parade

In an interview released today, the Green Lantern star compared his superhero project to Star Wars.

“Fans can expect a movie that has a scope and a scale unlike anything else,” he said in the interview with Parade Magazine. “I think of it as Star Wars in the DC universe. I was blown away just visiting the art department on a movie like that; they should just do a film on that. It’s like a trip to an amusement park that you wished existed.”

Earlier, he told us about the gymnastics he’s been doing just to fill the role. Star Wars is a bold comparison – especially since there are more notable (or at least well known) DC superheroes that would probably argue against that fact.