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Monday, October 25, 2010 –

Quote To Live By:

“Lois, Pulitzer Prizes are like Academy Awards, nobody remembers what you got one for, just that you got one,” Perry White from Superman Returns

Up Front:

Khan Won’t Be in Star Trek 2 but another Original Series Character Will Be; Plus, Don’t Expect a Traditional “Villain” [Collider]


Google Cars Ordered Marked and With Fully Announced Itinerary in Italy [Slash Gear]
Sprint’s Tab is Cheaper But Requires a Contract [Reuters]
Do You Have What It Take To Be A Successful Web Designer? [Dzine Press]
Boy Bug Hunter Nabs $3,000 from Mozilla [CNET]


‘Fable III’ Offering New Way to Play as Gay [ABC]
Game Consoles in Next Gen with Physical Media Would be ‘Surprising,’ says Blitz [Game Daily]
Core Kinect Games Coming [Gamespot]


Talk Amongst Yourselves of the Day [Daily What]
The Walking Dead Strikes Major Cities Worldwide With Zombie Invasion [AMC]
Charles Dickens the Latest Author to Get Hit With The “Monster Mashup” Craze [io9]


New Kindle Sales Exceed Amazon’s Expectations [Yahoo! News via Newsfactor Network]
Mac App Store Provokes Developer Interest, Concern [Wired: Gadget Lab]


[youtube id =”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IshINI7uGpE&feature=player_embedded#!”%5D

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