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Thursday, October 28, 2010 –

Quote To Live By:

“That television… it bewitched me,” – Galvatron from The Transformers

Up Front:

Will this be Pass-oween for San Diego Comic-Con? [The Beat]


From Touchpad to Thought-Pad? Digital Images May Be Able To Be Manipulated With The Mind [EurekAlert]
There is Hope for William Hung! (If He Has an Android Headset) [Android Guys]
US Record on Cybercrime Weak, Lacks Vodka [Boing Boing]


Eight Video Games and the Body Parts They Hurt [Destructoid]
Visualize the Game Console Generation Shift [Wired: Gadget Lab]
Gamasutra Expert Blogs: From Reciprocity To Music Games’ Casual Appeal [Gamasutra]
The Scariest Video Game Villains [Gearlog]
Video Game Addiction: The Facts and The Confusion [Think Feel Play]


[youtube id = “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmiYqcezZtw&feature=player_embedded”%5D
100 Horror Movies Spoiled in 5 and a Half Minutes [The Fine Bros]
Get a Sneak Peek at Disney’s Toy Story Land Attraction In This Toy Story 3┬áDVD Exclusive [MTV: Movies Blog]
Allen Ginsberg’s Howl Retwittered [Howl Tweeter]
Alcoholic Topping of the Day [Daily What]


Microsoft Profits Jump 51 Percent [Maximum PC]
In A Dull Retail Environment, Smart Phones Shine [PhysOrg]
Konami Contacting Guy Cihi For Something Silent Hill 2 Related [Hell Descent]


[youtube id =”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxCJIlzR5EQ&feature=player_embedded”%5D

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Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver of the Third Doctor (Think Geek, $29.99)

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