What Do Bill Clinton and a NJ Pastor Have in Common? (Hint: Facebook)

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No, this isn’t the start to a really bad joke. Both Bill Clinton and a pastor based out of New Jersey have put bans on Facebook, though for completely different reasons.

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Though Clinton might have partnered with the man who created the Internet Al Gore, he’s banning Facebook and all social media from his keynote speech at the Dreamforce Cloud Computing Conference in San Francisco. His representatives requested that no reporting take place while the former president is talking. Previous speakers at the conference included Al Gore himself and Colin Powell, and neither one asked that no one Tweet or update their status during their speeches. There has been no official explanation why Clinton’s team has made this request.

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On the opposite side of the country, a Garden State pastor is saying that Facebook leads to adultery. AP is reporting that Reverend Cedric Miller is ordering that 50 of his married church officials delete their accounts of else face temptation. Out of his 1,100 members, he says at least 20 have run into marital problems because of the social network. Miller’s sermon on Sunday will encourage all of his married congregation to stop using the site. Previously he suggested that couple’s should give each other their password. Of course, several balked at the request. The claim that Facebook can cause infidelity was determined valid by the US court system. Several lawyers have used evidence from the site in divorce cases.

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Do you think banning Facebook will solve information leak problems or infidelity problems? Is it time that these two realize times have changed and get used to the new technology?