Top Five Uses For Your Kinect Besides Gaming

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The Kinect might be Microsoft’s new add-on to their Xbox 360, but many gamers are finding other uses for it. Kinect hacks are growing in popularity and showing that the technology might be useful for more than gaming. Here’s some of our favorite modifications for the Kinect that we think will revolutionize your life.

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Kinect Can Be Used To Surf The Internet Hands-Free


Some nerds down at the MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group deconstructed their Kinect. They created a program that allowed Javascript to talk to your device. Now, you can navigate websites just by the swish of your hand.

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Kinect Can Help You Make The Next Big 3D Movie


Oliver Kreylos figured out how to make his Kinect recognized figures he drew in the air – and then turn it into a 3D model. He’s using the motion sensor to create 3D reconstructions, including filming his own 3D movie. It might not be Avatar quality yet, but it’s exciting to have your own 3D camera.

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