Study: Video Games May Be Good for Your Health

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So much for your parents telling you that staying in to play video games was bad for you. A new study has shown that acute pain is adults and children can be reduced by just playing on your console.

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“Acute pain is shown to be noticeably reduced in children and adult  sufferers once engaged in video game activity,” says Director of Operations of Pain Relief Centers Charles Friedman in an e-mailed statement. “These video games do  certainly play a role in relieving some pain through both distraction  and movement.”

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Especially with the introduction of the Wii, Kinect and Move, video games can get people up and moving with the addition of motion-sensing controllers. Not only are the games fun, raising the player’s spirits, they’re getting some exercise. The motions used in games like Wii Fit are similar to yoga or tai chi, which have been proven to be effective therapies for removing pain. Plus, the fact that they are not as intensive as other video games that involve a higher skill level encourages people of all ages to play. No word on how to combat a sore thumbs from mashing on that controller and a numb bum from being a couch potato however.

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