How To Track Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Purchases

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You’re probably broke from taking advantage of all those great deals this past weekend. While you’re probably eagerly awaiting your next paycheck, I bet you’re more excited for those packages that are about to arrive with all your goodies. You can’t be expected to wait by the door all day, so here’s some way to check in on your shipments when you’re out and about.

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Using Your Phone

You can download tracking apps on your iPhone for UPS and FedEx for free. They show you a real time update of where your shipment is, as well as help you find locations and shipments. Instead of having one app for each company, you can also try several others that allow you to track multiple packages from different senders at one time. TrackTapp follows your UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL/AirBorne packages, while highly rated Junecloud (which costs $2.99) updates frequently. Free TrackMyShipments is free, and it has added push notifications to help you out.

Android users can use Package Tracker Pro for $1.99 or Mobile Package Tracker, which has a free seven day trial.

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Using Your Computer

If you run OS, try these widgets to make your life easier. Package Tracking tracks all your packages, and if you’re just interested in your USPS parcels, try USPS Tracker. Package Tracking. So far the best we’ve seen is Junecloud’s free desktop widget. Not only does it have the major shipping companies, it also has the capability to use the order number from companies you probably bought packages from like Amazon.

If you’re running Windows, try PackageTrackr or Package Tracker (yes there is a difference). Package Tracker has some interface problems, but it does the job. There’s also the standard toolbar buttons, for the three main companies for your use as well.

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Using The Internet

Don’t want to download? You could go to each individual website you ordered from – or you could try these websites geared toward finding your parcel. Did you know that if you google search your package number, Google will track it for you? It works for almost every major carrier. Pack Track has a lot of options, but to keep abreast on more than one item, you need to create an account. Boxoh might be the simplest to use, and Track This will email, tweet, SMS and Facebook message you where your package is. If that’s too much for you, Follow My Stuff will just send you friendly email updates.

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