Disney Hits 100 Million Facebook Fans

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Think you have a strong Facebook presence? Think again. Walt Disney just reported Sunday that it surpassed 100 million fans across their network of Facebook fan pages. Not a bad birthday present for a company celebrating Walt Disney’s 109th birthday. Disney’s network of pages includes over 200 official pages, some of which are: Disney, Disney Pixar, Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, and Dory and Mickey. According to a press release Disney reports to seeing 5 million new fans per week.

Despite Disney’s strong Facebook presence, its Twitter presence is lagging behind. The @disney Twitter feed has a little under 4000 followers.

To give you an idea on how other companies compare, we’ve broken down some of the individual facebook pages that have the most fans on Facebook.

Facebook – 29,590,010
Texas Hold’em Poker – 29,441,620
Michael Jackson – 24,975,360
YouTube – 24,340,265
Lady Gaga – 24,335,174
Eminem – 23,185,698
Family Guy – 22,290,533
Coca-Cola – 20,345,520
Megan Fox – 19,272,468
Vin Diesel – 19,265,312

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