Tumblr Returns After A 24-Hour Outage

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Bloggers rejoice: Tumblr has returned. (And no, though many speculated it, the site was not down as a result from 4 Chan.) The company’s official blog, which we can finally read, states that a critical data base cluster had an issue during planned maintenance that took down the whole site, but failed to go into more specifics than that.

“We can’t apologize enough, nor can we thank you enough for putting up with these growing pains,” a statement on Tumblr’s blog reads. “We know how impossibly frustrating it is to see your work offline. But please always know that we truly care about your work as much as you do, and we have an incredibly capable team working incredibly hard to take good care of it.”

Just in the past month, Tumblr has quadrupled its engineering staff, according to CNN. According to the company, they now receive upwards of 500 million page views a month. Some sites like The Daily What chose to move their website to the rival platform WordPress during the downtime, but constant Tumblr links on Twitter now show that people are slowly crawling back. Of course if you are one of those individuals who use a blog, now’s a good time to remind you to back up your files on sites like Tumblelog, lest you lose that zealous rant about the state of the vintage clothes market these days.

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