Microsoft Adds Mall Maps to Bing

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Microsoft has added a useful feature to its Bing Maps service: mall maps. If you’ve ever been stuck in a mall and tried to find one of those map kiosks but your wife is like, “Don’t wander off, I’ll only be a minute,” and you’re like, “Can I at least go to Starbucks?” and she’s like, “You know you’ll get sidetracked and go into every electronics store between here and Starbucks,” and you’re like, “Me wandering into electronics stores is the reason I got a job as a technology blogger,” and she just looks at you until you give up, you’re probably thinking that mall maps are a good idea. Maybe it’s just me.

Know what would be an even better idea? If the mall maps were available on the mobile version of Bing Maps. Like the Bing Maps app that comes with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 handsets, for instance. You’d be able to—get this—look at the mall map on your phone while you’re inside the mall! As of now, mall maps are only available via desktop browsers.

The feature is still being rolled out, so it’s almost certain that it’ll eventually find its way onto mobile handsets. There are currently a handful of malls in the Seattle area, two in New York, and one in Massachusetts available, with new malls to be added “regularly” according to Microsoft.

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