Stream Movies on Your TV Same Day They’re in Theaters, If You Can Afford It

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If the idea of turning your home theater into the real deal – with movies available for streaming on the same day as their theatrical release – sounds like a dream to you, then I have some good news: A new start-up called Prima Cinema wants to make your dream come true… as long as you can afford the $20,000 delivery system and $500 for each movie.

Prima founder and CEO Jason Pang told the Wall Street Journal that he sees Prima’s goal as offering more choice to consumers:

We’re not here to replace anything. We are trying to create new revenue streams for studios and new viewing opportunities for moviegoers.

The company, which has financial backing from both Best Buy and Universal Pictures, aims to install their system in 250,000 homes over the next five years and claims that it will have licensing arrangement with multiple large studios by the time it officially launches next year. Start saving now, movie fans.

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