Study Shows Only 8 Percent of People Online Use Twitter

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Strangely enough, although it seems that everyone and their mother has a Twitter account, a recent study by PEW Internet and Life Project discovered that only eight percent of people online admitted having a Twitter account, with two percent saying they use it every day. Twenty-four percent of people surveyed did say they used some sort of service to update their status online, be it Facebook, MySpace and the like.

So, who makes up this eight percent? The average Twitter user is a female, age 18-24, with a split between people making less than $30,000 and people making $50,000 – $74,999 a year. Most have a college degree or higher and live in an urban setting. The survey asked a random sample of 2,257 adults. Hispanic (18 percent) and African Americans (13 percent) are twice as likely to use Twitter than Whites (5 percent). Are you one of the elite eight percent or do you break the mold?

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