Gaming Tip Sheet: “Michael Jackson The Experience”

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For those of you who have dreamed of dancing like the King of Pop, Michael Jackson The Experience is probably a dream come true. The Wii game allows you and up to three friends to practice all his signature moves in the comfort of your own home. Though it’s not guaranteed to make your dancing as smooth as Jackson’s, you’ll have hours of fun trying to perfect the Moonwalk. Here are some tips from the developers at Ubisoft to make your experience a little better.


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Make Room on the Dance Floor

Since you will be expected to perform these moves, make sure you clear space in front of your TV. Moonwalking like Jackson does in “Billie Jean” is hard enough so don’t try to do it while standing in place. Just like most Wii games, keep that wrist strap on – striking all those posts involves a lot of arm flinging and you don’t want to break anything.

Just Because You’re In the Background Doesn’t Mean Your Not Important

Just because someone isn’t playing Michael Jackson doesn’t mean they aren’t eligible to get the high score. The background dancers can be scored individually so it can make for some friendly competition to see which one of the four of you is king or queen of the dance floor.

Play the Right Way

Sorry for you lefties out there, but the game and the Wii remote only tracks the movement of your right hand. But if you follow through with your entire body and actually try to dance the moves, it will actually make your score higher than just moving your right hand around. It’s all about balance, timing and getting those “gold move”  bonus points so really get into the dancing. (Now that we told you, no cheating and saying that low score was because you were using the wrong hand.)

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Study The Master

It might be worth re-watching all of MJ’s classic music videos because chances are if it is in the video it made it onto the game. Key moves usually happen leading into the chorus so remember those poses especially.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t worry if on the first try the game seems so hard. Built into the game is the MJ School, which teaches you via video with the choreographers from the game how to perfect some of the more challenging MJ moves. These features are unlocked as you play through the game, allowing you to go back and perfect that dance step. 

Happy gaming!

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