“Marvel vs. Capcom 3” Details Leaked?

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Someone claiming to have detailed knowledge about the highly anticipated Marvel vs Capcom 3 game has released them via Twitter. Normally, we would brush off this sort of news – except that the Twitter account klennox22 was mysteriously blocked by the higher figures (who closed down this person in mere hours when it took days for the Operation: Payback account to be shut down).

Luckily for us, Shoryuken saved all the tweets for your viewing pleasure.

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Here’s some highlights, but plenty more to be read:

– The only remaining stage is Metro City. There are 8 altogether (in addition to the final boss’ stage).

– Akuma and Taskmaster are hidden characters.

– The remaining Marvel characters are Phoenix, Sentinel and Taskmaster.

– The remaining Capcom characters are Hsien-Ko, Haggar and Akuma.

– Galactus is the final boss.

– Hsien-Ko and Phoenix will be revealed at Jump Festa this weekend.

– The creative deadline was in September. Frank was pulled about two months prior, and there was no time to add a new character in his place. (Next tweet) The workload was too heavy as it was. Capcom had to make the decision to pull a Marvel character to even the roster out. (Next tweet) Shuma-Gorath was removed from the game to even the sides, and the decision was made to offer him as DLC.

– Don’t expect DLC news until well into next year.

– Mega Man was one of the first characters ruled out – offers nothing unique, says devs. Arthur was added to fill his shoes.

– Fun fact: Next time you see S-Kill, thank him for bringing Storm and Sentinel back.

Now to make matter’s complicated, @JL_SqdSuprm says he also has inside knowledge, and klennox was telling the truth. I guess we’ll know for real if the reveal at Jump Fiesta is what the Twitter leaker said it would be. Or, we could just wait for February 15. Just saying.

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