Cricket Announces Wireless Rate Plan, Includes Unlimited Music

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San Diego-based mobile phone service provider Cricket introduced a new wireless rate plan for their customers which includes unlimited full track downloads of music tracks and ringtones via their partnership with the Muve Music Service. For $55 a month, subscribers will receive unlimited nationwide calling, 3G web, email, data backup video and nationwide and global texting – and the bonus perks of music and ringtone downloads. The new Samsung Suede will be the first Muve Music adaptable phone.

If you’re willing to forgo a mainstream service provider, this could be a cheaper plan for you. Though there have been complaints about their customer service and some people unhappy with the reception range, if you have service in your area and you’re not a big traveler this might be an option for you. Download happy individuals might also opt to pay just for the unlimited music download features, considering that an album from iTunes costs $9.99 and up. It doesn’t seem like you can transfer this music to your other devices, but if you can justify spending some money just for being able to carry new tunes around with ease, we say go for it.

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