FilmOn Boss Takes Legal Battle With CBS Viral

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There’s almost something inspirational about the determination of founder Aiki David and his determination not to give up in the face of either the law or common sense when it comes to defending his company. Having been blocked from streaming content from ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox by a temporary restraining order last month, FilmOn has taken its fight to the internet with a YouTube video – not something on its own streaming site? – under the username CBSyousuck.


David’s attempt to call out CBS as hypocrites centers around CBS-owned CNet, and its site linking to torrent sites – despite the fact that it hasn’t actually done anything illegal. But then, considering that FilmOn has lost its lawyer (He left because of “an irreconcilable conflict with Alki David,” according to court documents), perhaps the court of public opinion is the only one left for the company right now.

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