TechFast: Windows for Tablets, HP PalmPad, Amazon’s 8 Million Kindles

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Microsoft Is Said to Announce Version of Windows for ARM Chips at CES Show

Source: Bloomberg

Sources refusing to be named have apparently told Bloomberg that Microsoft will soon launch a version of Windows specifically designed to run on mobile processors like those found in tablets. If it’s a full version of Windows that runs on ARM chips, it’s news. If it’s a scaled back version of Windows that runs on ARM chips, it already exists and is called Windows Embedded Compact 7. You may recall that Asus was mulling a tablet running Windows Embedded Compact 7 in early summer before opting for Android instead.

EXCLUSIVE: iPad Competitor Coming Soon From Palm

Source: Fox News

And speaking of tablets, HP may be looking to make good on its Palm acquisition by finally releasing a consumer tablet running Palm’s WebOS mobile software. Fox News seems to think the tablet will leverage the design from HP’s business-focused “Slate” tablet but will come in four different versions, one of which will have a form factor “nearly identical” to the iPad, except a little bit lighter and with a nimble 4G cellular connection.

Windows Phone 7 Sales Off to a Promising Start, First Step in a New Era of Mobile

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has been tight-lipped about how many Windows Phone 7 handsets it’s sold up until now. However, the latest WP7 sales figures to come directly out of Redmond tout “over 1.5 million phones in the first six weeks.” To be clear, those figures are “phones being bought and stocked by mobile operators and retailers on their way to customers,” so that’s not to say that there are 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 handsets in 1.5 million pockets yet. Kindle Sales Are Said to Exceed Estimates

Source: Businessweek

As hard-to-come-by sales figures go, Amazon may take the cake with its Kindle e-book reader. It’s been a wildly popular device for the online retailer, yet nobody’s quite sure how many Kindles have flown off Amazon’s virtual shelves. Businessweek posits that more than 8 million Kindles have been sold in 2010, blowing away initial analyst estimates that hovered at around 5 million.

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