Toshiba’s New E-Reader Is Solar Powered

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Yes, we know: You don’t need yet another e-reader in the market. However, Toshiba has come up with a green twist to appeal to your consumer needs. This new e-reader is solar-powered, which means plugging in the device at night or rushing to find an electrical socket. The Biblio Leaf eReader is only available in Japan starting next week, and we don’t know how long the charge will last – or how long you’re going to have to tan in order to read a couple of pages. According to TFTS (or if you can read Japanese), the Biblio Leaf eRader will have a six-inch e-Ink display, a stylus, WiFi and 3G connectivity, two gigabytes of storage, and support for an SD card that holds up to 3,000 books with two year contract with KDDI for 3G service that amounts to about $20 a month. It sounds really good on paper – no pun intended.

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