The Easiest Ways To Return Your Unwanted Presents

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The holidays are over (except for you out there who celebrate Kwanzaa: The fun is just beginning for you), and you’re probably over oooing and ahhing over the loot you got this year. Since the dust has settled, you’re starting to see things a little more clearly. You actually got two or three of the same thing in slightly different variations, that MP3 player isn’t exactly the model you wanted and who knows when you’re ever going to use that unnaturally large coffee maker. Here’s the easiest way to return or exchange your unwanted gifts from popular retailers for something everyone loves: store credit.

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Return Policy

Good news: Gift returns are easy with Amazon. Bad News: You’ll need your order number. You get store credit if you are the gift receiver and a refund back to your card if you are the gift giver.

Best Buy

Return Policy

The good news is that purchases can be returned at the physical store, so if your loved one bought you something online, you don’t have to worry about shipping it back. If you have the gift receipt, exchange or return your item anytime from the original purchase date within 14 days for computers, monitors, projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, iPads, tablets and radar detectors, 30 days for all other products and 45 days for all products for Reward Zone Program Premier Silver members. However, without a receipt stores are not required to take a return, but asking nicely might get you store credit. They will not accept opened media however.

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Game Stop

Return Policy

You’ll need that gift receipt and can only get an exchange or store credit. You have 30 days to make your move, and if your gift giver split a bundle between you and another person you may be out of luck.


Return Policy

All returns need a receipt, but you can return online purchases to a local store.

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Radio Shack

Return Policy

Some items for bought online can’t be returned at the retail store, so you might have to ship it back. They will not take opened software or kits or electronic media products that are not defective (CD-ROMs, DVDs, Computer Games, Software and VHS Tapes). You may be able to do it without the packing slip, but you would need information from the gift giver, like the order number.


Return Policy

Probably the best of them all, Walmart’s No Receipt policy gives you the option of a cash refund (for purchases under $25), a Gift Card for the amount of the purchase (for purchases over $25) or an even exchange for the product. We also follow any manufacturer’s warranties. You can make up to three No Receipt returns within a 45 day period. However, it must be done in store and not shipped back to the online retailer. You do need receipts for big ticket items like computer hardware and electronics, but both online and retail store purchases can be returned in-store within 90 days. All media must be unopened.

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Return Policy

You can return a gift to a store or online, but you need the order number. There you can print a gift receipt just in case your person didn’t give you one – although if they were thoughtful enough to give the order number, they probably included a gift receipt. You will get a gift card for purchases at Target and

Sometimes people are more lax than usual during the holidays, but to make things easier, have all the required items listed your return to make your experience smoother. We can’t help you with those long lines though.