Does Disney Need To Turn Their 2D Classics Into 3D?

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One thing that makes Disney movies stand out from other animation features is that their universal story and plot can appeal to any one in any decade. Every child can imagine wanting to be the hero that saves the day, and ever adult can remember back to a time when they believe the world was magical. So, is it really necessary that the company comes up with a new gimmick to make us interested in the films again when we never stopped loving them in the first place?

In a recent press release, Disney announced that they will release at least 15 Blu-ray 3D titles in 2011. While TRON: Legacy and Tangled are obvious and logical titles, it is not really necessary to go back and tweak The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, two of the other films which will be receiving the Blu-ray 3D treatment. Executive Vice President and General Manager of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Lori MacPherson said in the press release that they were retouching the classics in order to give the audience a better home viewing experience. It is unarguably clear than 3D technology is great to watch when done right, but there is something to be said for the efforts of the animators who intended the picture to be rendered in 2D cel animation.  Just like you would scoff at anyone wanting to update the Mona Lisa so it could be viewed in a different dimension, there’s no reason to change these movies so they look more modern. Even with 3D titles like Toy Story 3, although brilliant CGI made the film look polished, kids and adults enjoyed the movie first and foremost because they connected with the characters and the story. Disney should focus on making new movies that future generations can relate to, not trying to add the latest technology to proven titles that audiences have already enjoyed.

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