New Remotes Will Make Netflix One Click Away

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Gone are the days when being a Netflix subscriber meant leaving your house to check the mail for the latest DVD. Late last year Netflix decided they would start offering a streaming-only plan with a lower monthly rate. Now, the company plans to introduce a one-click Netflix remote button, making it even easier for subscribers to search for movies and TV shows to add to their instant queue.

“For members who want even more convenience when instantly watching TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix, the answer is about to be right in their hands,” said Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt in the press release.

This morning, the company announced its plans to put a Netflix-branded button on the remotes of TVs, Blu-Ray players and other devices that support Netflix Watch Instantly streaming service. This means that brands such as Best Buy’s Dynex, Haier, Memorex, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Sharp and Toshiba will all sport a bright red button on their Blu-Ray players by springtime. Sharp, Sony and Toshiba will also add the button to select new Internet-connected TVs, as will set-top boxes Boxee, Iomega and Roku.

Although nothing about the actual service will change, the button’s presence on remotes will be sure to keep the company in the minds of potential users while also increasing Netflix’s domination over competitors such as Hulu and Apple. And with access to all of Netflix literally at your fingertips, you might never get off the couch.

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