Pink Floyd Gives Into EMI, Will Still Sell Individual Tracks

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It seems that Pink Floyd will leave those record labels alone, for the time being at least. The group has struck a deal with industry giant EMI, and their songs will stay on iTunes both as individual tracks and albums. The new five-year contract will allow EMI to retain distribution rights to Pink Floyd’s music, which includes all 14 studio albums and three live albums, and put an end to all legal disputes. There is no word on the exact details of the negotiations.

Pink Floyd sued EMI last year saying that they were not receiving their all the royalties that was due to them from their online sales. The bigger point of  contention, however, stemmed from the fact that their label allowed Apple to sell Pink Floyd’s songs as individual tracks instead of just as albums, and the band never intended their pieces to be heard that way. “Pink Floyd is well-known for performing seamless pieces,” the band’s lawyer Robert Howe said to Businessweek. “Many of the songs blend into each other.” Though Pink Floyd might be disappointed, the new agreement allows fans to continue to exercise their right to listen to “Money” instead of having to go through the entire Dark Side of the Moon.

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