Gaming Tip Sheet: “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II”

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Get ready to master your Jedi or Sith skills with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. The fine folks at Lucasarts have gave us some helpful tips to make gameplay a little easier.

Double Trouble

Force powers and lightsaber attacks can and should be used together to unleash the most devastation possible. “Force Grip” an enemy, impale them with a saber throw, zap them with lightening and then toss their electrified body into a group of their comrades! Better yet, toss their body into a nearby explosive canister to cause even more damage!

Here Comes A New Challenger

The Challenge Mode is not only fun, but valuable experience. In them, you’ll take part in various obstacle courses and other trials that force you to hone your combat and platforming skills, such as deflecting projectiles or navigating precious platforms. If you really want to step up your game, be sure to master each one!

Slot Machine Bonus

In Cato Neimoidia, the hanging archway planet, there’s a nice nod to a classic LucasArts adventure game hero about halfway through the level. You can’t miss the room he makes an appearance in. As an added bonus, if you destroy the slot machines in that room, you’ll unlock a character skin of him to use in the game.

Experience Counts

Some people haven’t seemed to notice this, but you get experience points (used to upgrade your Force powers and lightsabers) not only from defeating enemies, but also from destroying objects in the environment. Crates, explosive barrels, consoles and other machinery all yield experience points, giving you more opportunity to grow more powerful.

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

It’s always useful to figure out ways to actually turn enemies into allies. Using “Jedi Mind Trick” can make enemies fight for you or hurl themselves off ledges and on harder difficulties can sometimes mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Hidden Helper

Be on the lookout for hidden Holocrons, which are scattered throughout the entire game. They may be hard to find, but they’re worth it. Some will net you additional experience points, while others will increase your maximum life or Force power reserves, as well as new lightsaber crystals.

The Player Strikes Back

If it’s shot at you, you more than likely can turn it into your own weapon. Missiles shot from AT-MPs can be Force Gripped and throw back or into groups of other enemies. The same goes for grenades throw by enemies, and even the carbonite projectiles fired by the hulking Carbonite Droid.

Crystal Clear Combat

Speaking of lightsaber crystals, remember to use them! Crystals can alter your lighstabers in a numbers of ways, allowing you to fully customize your combat benefits. Increase the damage you deal, gain more experience points, and even increase the chance that your blows will completely disintegrate an enemy. And since you’re carrying around two lightsabers, you can customize the blade of each one!

Don’t forget to use the Force!

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