CES: Google Gives A Sneak Peek of Their Android 3.0 Honeycomb

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There’s no denying that the folks behind Android technology are extremely busy. Today, they previewed the newest operation platform the Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Now with 3D technology best seen when using Google Maps 5 and an easier to use interface, the new design looks sleek and sophisticated – at least according to the video they released. It’s designed specifically larger interfaces, so to get the full experience you need to get a tablet.

“Many of Android’s existing features will really shine on Honeycomb: refined multi-tasking, elegant notifications, access to over 100,000 apps on Android Market, home screen customization with a new 3D experience and redesigned widgets that are richer and more interactive,” VP of Engineering Andy Rubin said on the Google blog. “We’ve also made some powerful upgrades to the web browser, including tabbed browsing, form auto-fill, syncing with your Google Chrome bookmarks, and incognito mode for private browsing.”

It’s great that they’re actually listening to user concerns about privacy issues and taking advantage of their Google relationship. While it’s all exciting, there wasn’t really any specs or if they’re upgrading things like the Android Market so we’ll have to wait for details on that and the release date. Until then, enjoy the video.

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