High-Tech Goggles Coming Soon: Next-Gen GPS Technology, Bluetooth, Android

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Who needs Oakleys when you can have smart goggles? Recon Instruments announced its next generation technology for its goggles this morning at CES, and their capabilities are cutting-edge. The company plans to add even more features to its groundbreaking Transcend goggles, which were released in October (photo above).

If it isn’t enough that the GPS-enabled Transcend already updates stats like the user’s speed, latitude/longitude, vertical distance traveled and total distance traveled on an LCD screen inside the goggles themselves, Recon said that the latest technology will be available separate from the goggles themselves and usable with Recon-Ready partners like Uvex, Alpina and Briko.

The new technology will use an Android operating system that will allow Recon and other developers to create personalized apps that users can download to their goggles. In addition, the goggles will be enabled with integrated maps and buddy tracking so that the user can locate family and friends on the mountain or navigate an unfamiliar trail.

The bluetooth technology will also provide users with a hands-free system of accessing their text messages, contacts and music libraries on the slopes, and they will even be able to use their goggles as a viewfinder for recording video. With all the technology that Recon is introducing, it looks like you’ll never feel alone on the slopes again.

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