Vimeo Increases Upload Length To Allow Full Length HD Features

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Full-length feature makers have another venue to get their movies on the web. As announced at CES, Vimeo will allow up to 5 GB video (or about 2.5 hours of an HD movie), which allowing documentarians and feature filmmakers to put their whole project online without having to decide where to divide the movie into breaks. You can’t put your live-action version of Avatar up on the servers, but the average HD movie can be uploaded no problem. The company also announced that select Vimeo features will be available through Vizio Web TVs.

The service is only available for Vimeo Plus members, however, which means you have to pay $59.99 a year for the added benefit, but the Plus service does comes with increased analytics and an ad-free site. Before the website never limited the length of videos, but put a cap on the size of uploads at 2 GB. It meant filmmakers often had to decrease the quality of their films in exchange for a longer movie. While we bet they’ll still be strict about adding full pirated movies, for movie makers with their own projects it’s great that there’s another venue that will allow you to post your whole film instead of having to split it up into parts.

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